As a series, Dr. Jess' #BeWell - A Conversation continues to highlight the many voices in and out of entertainment and culture, while addressing mental health awareness, and offering various solutions of love and self care. In the second episode of the series, Dr. Jess speaks with 2x Grammy nominee Rhapsody, who shares her thoughts on mental health, real experiences, and lessons she’s learned on on the road to becoming a prominent force in Hip Hop. Taking place in front of sold out crowd, Rapsody spoke directly to the heart of millennials on various topics including the current drug "epidemic" and the overall changing landscape of the entertainment industry.

"A lot of young kids deal with a lot of pain and think drugs will numb it. It won't numb it, " Rapsody shared, after responding to substance abuse and the death of her dear friend Mac Miller. “There was no new artist that Mac didn’t touch. It’s tragic because he was so powerful.” While a somber subject, Rapsody was able to navigate through the conversation, offering encouraging words and positivity to those who suffer with these challenges.

As it's Dr. Jess' mission to create a safe space for both the guest and attendees, the powerful session ends with the now #BeWell - A Conversation tradition of positive affirmation readings.  

You have to decide what success is to you.
— Rapsody

Video by @dillzvp

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