ItsTheReal welcomes Dr. Jessica Clemons to kick off Mental Health Awareness Month, talk about what makes for a good therapist, how people can tackle their own anxiety, what expectations someone should have going into a first session, and how even therapists could use someone to speak with. 

BlackGirlsTexting x askdrjess


Black Girls Texting are joined by Dr.Jessica Clemons for their live show series and discuss mental health issues in the Black community, the importance of boundaries, and how to support a friend or loved one through tough times!

dr. jess x d'usse podcast

D’usse Friday Podcast : The Dr. Jess Takeover Episode

Dr. Jessica Clemons takes over D’usse Friday Podcast along with Sue Tsai and Ravie B for Women’s History Month to help explore the experience of women of color navigating the fields dominated by men.

theblackgirlbravado dr. jess

The Black Girl Bravado Podcast

The Black Girl Bravado Podcast sat down with Psychiatrist Jessica Clemons, affectionately known as Dr. Jess to discuss mental health and wellness.

Dr. Jess educated on the various types of therapy, the role medication might play in mental wellness and ways to identify if therapy may be the next step in your wellness journey.

Dear Black Girl Podcast Dr. Jessica Clemons

Dear Black Girl Podcast “Everything is Love”

Episode 34 introduces us to NYC based psychiatrist and influencer Dr. Jess! Listen as Dr. Jess talks about the inspiration behind her #BeWell conversation series, college days, the interconnection between music and mental health, the power of love and more!! Dear Black Girl.... Everything is Love!

dr jess blackgirlpod

Black Girl Podcast “Dr. Jess”

NYC based Psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Clemons joins Black Girl Podcast to discuss mental health, personality disorders, when/how to know therapy is right for you and expectations before starting your sessions. Gia shares hesitations and Alysha P unpacks her battle with guilt during an honest and hilarious conversation.

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D'usse friday: the ask dr. jess episode

Dr. Jess sits down w/ Rel Carter, Memphis Bleek, and B.Axelrod for "The Ask. Dr. Jess" episode to discuss Serving Myself and all things wellness. 

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Driven Minds Podcast by Driven Society/ "Therapy is important"

In this episode of Driven Minds Podcast, "Dr. Jess" Clemons talks about growing up in Alabama the importance of therapy, the lack of women of color in psychiatry, and learning how to meet people where they are.